Hi, Be my guest and help yourself to your own very accurately calculated 'Personal Day Forecast.' You can think of this as the Numerology version of an astrology horoscope with more in depth precision. You can also read about your own Life Path and you'll love your 'Life Analysis' report. We'll keep adding interesting articles to our blogs, adding more articles on Numerology and more fun things - so come back often and explore. Thanks for stopping in and enjoy your visit. Jill Saint James

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Hi, my name is Jill Saint James, and in just a minute I'll show you how easy it is for you to start making the changes to your life you didn't think possible, turning confusion and turmoil into happiness and total serenity. Rest assured - the world is not done with you yet.

...and if you're not done with the world, this story, from a good friend of mine, will help you understand where I'm coming from (and where you're going.) It's amazing to find out who the Astrologers go to for advice.

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Your Day of Birth

For most of us, a birth day is when a person celebrates another year of life, often with a party, usually a cake and gifts and the song "Happy Birthday."

In numerology, a person's day of birth is more than a number stamped on a piece of paper, however. Your birth day number has a permanent influence on your life. Although you grow older and may change your name, your birth number always remains constant.

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How do other people see you?

Tell me, don't you, with that inquisitive mind of yours, always want to know what kind of impression you're making? You bet you do! Sometimes you're just burning to know how you look in other people's eyes, right? And when friends and loved ones (or others) talk about you, how do they describe you? You want to know that too! What kind of personality do you have in their eyes? How do they characterize you?

The answers to these questions lie in your Outer Personality - the numerological aspect that dictates how others see you and how they describe you.

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Blog post

What really happened to Joan Rivers?

'The Karmic Number 16'

Joan was under a four month vibration of the number 16 at the time of her death.

Within two weeks of the sudden death of comedian Joan Rivers the mysterious details began to unravel. Joan’s voice had become raspy and she supposedly had a condition called Acid Reflux. Her doctor told her she needed a procedure called an Endoscopy to examine her internally for this. Joan had a fear of anesthesia instilled in her by her father, who was also a physician, so she went to a boutique center rather than a hospital where they did these procedures with light sedation instead.

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Glossary of Numbers

To help familiarize you with some general characteristics of number digits, 1 - 9, I have enclosed a list of positive and negative traits of each number. When you know the number that relates to you, i.e., day of birth, you can identify that number with the following traits:

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It's been known throughout the ages by a variety of names: fate, karma, kismet. The definitions are the same, though. Your DESTINY tells you what you must BE, what you must ACCOMPLISH and what you must DO in this lifetime to ACHIEVE the lesson of your Lifepath.

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