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About the Author

Jill Saint James is a life-long student of Astrology, Numerology, Tarot and related sciences.

She was the first person in history to successfully apply predictive numerology, earning her several TV and newspaper appearances, and warm receptions of elderly masters in similar studies – e.g., open access to resources of the Kabbalah Centre in New York granted by its rabbis.

Right now in her 4th decade of devotion to mystic arts, she continues to grow her personal knowledge and contribute to the collective on a daily level.

About Life Guide


Life Guide is a unique body of work designed to aid individual efforts to reflect over daily life and navigate through its tumblings and unexpected challenges.

As most guides, it starts with Astrology, but adds layers of detail available only in Numerology, providing detailed advice on both daily and long-term levels.

Use it to maintain view over your everyday forces, grow your power to grasp and align them, see the patterns better while studying other resources, and learn just how much Truth there is in sciences like these. Start here.


Words of Our Customers

WOW! You mentioned things no one knows about me. I was amazed at the depth and length of my report.

I've purchased your guidance and I am finding the ability to plan my life days and weeks ahead has benefitted me several times already. Thank you so much for my new life.

Scott R., US, April 2014

You have true knowledge of me and my life at this time. My Transit Guide is allowing me to comprehend why certain events occur on a day to day basis and how to use that knowledge. I have really enjoyed that this is giving me the power and wisdom to take advantage of these events as they happen. Heartfelt thanks.

Sophi D., CA, May 2019

Jill, You asked me to let you know how things are turning out for me. Well your guidance is right on the spot. A long awaited investment is very close to paying out. In fact its life changing for me. Please continue in your work - you possess a unique talent. And you were there when I needed you, I thank you from my heart. God Bless

Kylie B. England, October 2017

How do you know these things? This report really helped me to understand some things I've always wondered about in my life. I found it fantastic. I am surprised to know how you knew so much about me without really knowing me. Just great.

Jennifer W., Australia, January 2016

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